Fitted lights in your loft are both safe and convenient.

We can provide either conventional or strip lights with pull cords for easy access from the hatch.


Prices from £150

We can provide a variety of lights ranging from flourescent to spot.

Loft Boarding

To make your loft space safe and usuable, we can board all or part of the space with moisture resistant tongued and grooved flooring grade chipboard.

If your loft has, or is to have an enhanced thickness of insulation laid, we can extend the joist height so that the floor is above the insulation.



Boarding from            £25 per square metre.

Raised Joists from      £10 per square metre

Insulated Loft Hatch

A purpose made insulated loft hatches does away with the problem of fixing some form of insulation to your existing hatch. If the hatch is not insulated a large amount of heat is lost from the house even though the rest of the loft is well insulated.

They are full size to allow easy access to your loft.

Purpose made loft hatches have built in draft seals, need no maintenance and are unobtrusive in your ceiling.

Insulated hatches are available as standard, Part L compliant and Fire Rated.

They can even be fitted with a clear panel if required.


Prices from £90